Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Idea menguruskan rumah


Here I wanna share with you (whoever yang terjumpa this site but the main purpose is only for my own track)  my own home arrangement. By the way it is copy paste from one blog (forget which one).
I only show you  the tiltle of what i am doing through my home organization. Others you can expand it more by yourself.

A. Cleaning list:
1. daily to do- before breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner and after dinner
2. weekly to do- Monday to Sunday
3. monthly/semi-annually- monthly, every three months and every six months

B. One-week menu planner/ recipes book

C. Life record
1. Chores- sweeping,washing, preparing food, supplement, exercise, reading, recite al-quran, solat, teaching
2. Ibadah- solat, al-quran, hadith, fasting, zakat & sedekah, hafalan, zikrullah, anak yatim, wakaf and dakwah.
3. DIY project- for myself, home decoration, teaching aids
4. Social- anniversary, birthday, wedding, relative, neighbourhood, my patient concerns,
5. Travel-
6. Finance- saving, investment, budget and insurance
7. Houses, land and cars
8. Writing- inspiration journal, blog and facebook.
9. Ideas

D. Instrument- book to record, camera,computer

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