Monday, May 7, 2012

Motivation tips


Suatu hari tu, saya sedang memandu untuk balik ke rumah. On the way to home, i was listening to the radio. Who was on the air at that time? was Prof dr Muhaya...on air in IKIM. I get one point from her talk which was about her tip to consistently have maximum motivated soul. She also get that experience from her fan who is a doctor. According to her, that doctor records all her talk in mp3 and listening it everyday before she start working. So i am tring to practise it myself, instead that, i follow the talk tru you tube everyday.

Ok i would like to share something good thought from her. She advise all of us to have what she call 5's everyday and avoid 3'M.
These are 5's:

  1. senyum
  2. sapa
  3. salam
  4. sopan
  5. santun

These are 3'M:

  1. mengeluh
  2. merungut
  3. menyesal
Practise this habits everyday for 21 days or above will make our brain to produce a neutransmittor in brain cell which will transform as a habitual action.

ok let's follow be good....

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